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In 2005, PT ITCI Kartika Utama has transferred the share ownership of PT KSM to PT Marino Mining. The stage of share transfer has through out the valid procedure according to PKP2B's chapters. The share transfer had been done in front of the Notary, Mrs. Meiyanne Halimatussadiyah, SH, deed no: 11 dated October 21st 2005 with the following shareholder composition:

      - PT. Marino Mining : 99 %
      - Mrs. Tjandra Sari :   1 %

                           Total : 100 %


Board of Commissaries :

Presiden Commissary : Letjen (Purn) Kiki Syahnakri

Commissaries      :  Mr. Dadang Antis Tyono    

                              Mr. Sony Dovie Pioh

In a signing ceremony in Jakarta on Wednesday (January 23,2008),the President Commissioner of KSM, Kiki Syahnakri, explained that Zhejiang Hua Guang has over extensive researcht economically
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