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About KSM Resource


PT Kartika Selabumi Mining established in 1990 with act of notary Lukman Kirana SH, No.2, July 15th 1991, had registered in Indonesia Government Gazette, July 18th 2000 No. 57, accordance to Decision Minister of Judicial Affairs No. C2.6633.HT.01.01. 1993.

Coal mining as the main area.

Location : Sub District Kotabangun, Muara Muntai, Loa Kulu,
District Kutai Kartanegara,
Province Kalimantan Timur.
Legality :

  • - The reference letter of Information of License Observation which is granted and used in 1991.
  • - The license of Preface Investigation which is achieved and used in 1992.
  • - The Signing Agreement of Coal Mining Industrialist Cooperation between PT KSM with The Government of Indonesian Republic Cq. PT.   Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam (Persero), was held in August 14th 1994 with no : 018 PK/PT BA - KSM/1994.
  • Stage of General Research / Investigation
  • This general reseach of activity was held based on SK DJPU No. 212 K/2012/DDJP/1995. General research of activity in forest area is arranged by SKB Minister of Mining and Energy and Minister of Forestry No : 969.K/05/M.PE/1989 and No : 429/KPTS-II/1989 dated August 23th 1989, by Letter of General Director of General Mining No : 521/2012/DJP/1996 dated March 8th 1996.

  • Exploration
  • The submission of exploration activity license has been proposed to General Mining Director and it had been recommended by The Director INTAG Forestry Department with decision letter Number: 933/A/VII - 4/1996 dated October 4th, 1996, with capacious concession + 62.190 Ha.

  • Feasibility Study
  • PT. KSM, on the feasibility study step has been proposed to Director of Mine and Energy with 17.550 Ha, and has got the confirmation Feasibility Study with no. 2796/20.01/DBR/2000 dated December 22nd, 2000 and ANDAL confirmation with no. 5233/28/SJN.T/2000 dated December 26th, 2000.

  • Construction
  • The basic is the decision of Director Geology and Mineral Resources No. 002.K/20.01/DJG/2002. In this stage, the infrastructures development, such as: as: office building, boarding house for employee, harbour and its facility, stock file, mine road, bridge, workshop, etc in order to support exploitation activity will be developed.

  • Exploitation / Production Stages
  • Exploitation / Production activity has started with the pilot mining activity which had done in 2003. From the activity result, PT KSM had granted with a trust to continue mining activity with upgrading license of the Decision of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources number: 005/40.00/M EM/2004 dated January 23rd, 2004 regarding The Preliminary Stage of the Production Activity with the width of 4.600, 30 hectare. Meanwhile, the next stage for the width 12.949,70 hectare which is according to Decision of Director of Coal and Global Warming number 183.K/40.00/DJB/2006 dated May 11th 2006 is valid since the beginning of 2005.

Exploitation activity had been done since 2003 to April 2007 with the production market result as follows:


The coal quality of PT Kartika Selabumi Mining has the average specification as follows:

  • Indicative Quality
      Parameter Analysis Indicative
    ISO No.
    Total Moistur (a.r.b)
    Inharent Moistur (a.d.b)
    Ash Content (a.d.b)
    Volatile Mater (a.d.b)
    Fixed Carbon (a.d.b)
    Total Sulphur (a.d.b)
    Gross Calorific Value (a.d.b)
    Hardgrove Bindability Index (H.G.I)
    7500 Kca/Kg
    Min. 90
    589 : 2003
    11722 : 1999
    1171 : 1997
    562 : 1998

    351 : 1996
    1928 : 1995
    5074 : 1994
    a.r. = as received basis
    a.d.b = air dried basis
  • Coking Properties
    CSN = 8 - 9
    Max Fluidity Gieseler ddpm = up to 20.000 +
     Max Dilatation (%) = 240
     Max Dilatation (C) = 430
     Reflectance (V8,V9) > 95
     Roga Caking Power Index > 80
    Gray - King Type = G12/G13
  • Coal Preparation

    Row Coal Only / No Washing
    Size Cruising 0 - 50 mm > 95%



PT Kartika Selabumi Mining has sold its coal mainly to major end user (coke plants / steel plants) in China, Japan, Korea and Germany through long term contract and also short/Spot contract.

In a signing ceremony in Jakarta on Wednesday (January 23,2008),the President Commissioner of KSM, Kiki Syahnakri, explained that Zhejiang Hua Guang has over extensive researcht economically
Head Office
Menara Gracia 8th Floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav C-17
Jakarta 12940-Indonesia

Phone : +62 21 5220.888
Fax : +62 21 5202.888


Site Office
Kartika 1 Camp, Kota Bangun
Kutai Kertanegara Regency
East Kalimantan Province

Phone : +62 542 594768
Fax : +62 542 594768